Discovering Maui; Food and Hotel

Photo Aug 31, 1 54 56 PMThe Haus Team was extremely lucky to not only get to explore Maui, Hawaii, but also stay at the top hotel on the Island. The Four Seasons Maui. Mainly filled but not only populated by couples and honeymooners, its the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the scenery. Equipped with restaurants, a serenity pool as well as a 24 hour large swimming pool and jacuzzi we loved the Four Seasons. We cannot say enough good things. Photo Oct 25, 12 46 48 PM


Enjoy manlier drinks like local beers and old fashioned or get in the mood and have something fruitier that’s fresh and made from real juice. Swim up to the bar in the infinity pool and get everything but shots made to order. They will give you complimentary olives, nuts, and pineapple as you lounge in the water watching the breath taking views. It is a quiet pool for adults only so don’t get too rowdy.

Photo Oct 25, 2 14 40 PM

The Four seasons offers an open air gym, and free outrigger canoe trips. Learn the local language and how to row in a team this large canoes while coming across the local sea turtles as they swim by. When you arrive at the hotel you are greeted with leis, save them for when you take your canoe trip. They will offer you the chances to put the flowers in the ocean in remembrance of your loved ones past and present as they blow a ceremonial horn in their honor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 2.19.06 PM

While the hotel food is amazing we adventured the island to find some other local favorites. One of our favorites was Cafe O’Lei . Cheap prices, fresh fish, local beers, what more could you possibly want? Located upstairs from a strip of stores including henna, souvenirs, and convenience shops.  Photo Oct 25, 2 29 30 PM

Nearby is the ‘triangle’, that holds nightlife, and the Kihei Kalama Village Market Place filled with knickknacks to buy and other great places to eat. Which brings us to our second favorite spot to eat, Three’s bar and grill. They offer outdoor seating, live music, and great sushi. We also had the pleasure of listening to a very talented young artist play the guitar and sing classics a few feet away from us.

Take a listen here and start planning your next trip to Maui, Hawaii


One thought on “Discovering Maui; Food and Hotel

  1. What beautiful photos. I’ve just returned from Maui, we stayed at the Maui Coast hotel and visited Three’s bar and grill and loved it, Kihei is such a friendly place. Adored every minute.

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