Discovering Maui, The Road to Hana

Maui Hawaii is famous for newlyweds, weddings, romantic getaways and all things love but its not only for couples. Some of the girls our team Haus Hunted the island like never before and found adventures that any type of guy would enjoy. Beers, fresh fish, swimming, boating, music and more.

Photo Sep 02, 1 00 08 AM (1)We were informed by many and warned by some about the Road to Hana. In order to experience the whole island of Maui we took the challenge. The Road to Hana is not for the weak of stomach. There is only one road you can take to see all the sights and its a windy one to say the least. We rented a car in order to stop as we please and the prices of car rentals was so low that we couldn’t say no.

Two thirds of our group got very car sick both ways of this 3 hour windy road. Stopping at the sights helped calm our stomachs but at the end of the day we weren’t quite sure it was worth it. We will allow you guys to see what the road has to offer and make the decision for yourselves. Because as our doorman told us on our way out ‘Its not about the destination on the Road to Hana, its about the journey’ and even with our moments or queasiness we have memories we will never forget.

Photo Sep 02, 12 17 11 PMPainted Bark Eucalyptus trees was our first stop. They are along the left side of the road and easy to pass if you are not paying attention to the mile markers. Pull over and take a close look at the vibrant colors of these trees. Near by there is Waikamoi Ridge Forest Trail and Overlook close to a view picnic tables as well as easy trails you can stretch your legs at. Fan of Jurassic Park? The opening scene of the movie was shot at mile marker 10 The Garden of Eden Botanical Garden and Arboretum 

Photo Oct 25, 1 30 02 PM

(Resting stop to meditate and take a breath of fresh air) Photo Oct 25, 1 13 11 PM

From there is the famous black and red sand beaches of Waianapanapa State Wayside Park and Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach. Get fresh juice and coconut water from whole coconuts from local farmers to cool down. The Kaihalulu beach welcomes nude sunbathers and Waianapanapa is home to large sea caves and volcanic tubes. Which you decide to see is up to you, but make your choices wisely because you don’t want to be on that narrow curvy road home in the night.

Photo Oct 25, 1 28 38 PM

Last but not least we stopped at the seven sacred pools. The trail of waterfalls and hikes made most of the ride worth it. We met awesome people exploring the area as well and showed us spots on which waterfalls you can take a fall of trust into the water. Even though there are numerous signs warning people not to jump from the rocks, our new dare devil friends from California took the leap anyway. We watched nervously as they happily submerged from the waters we decided to only swim in. Photo Oct 25, 1 28 10 PM

The drive back before exiting the coast stop at Mama’s Fish House for dinner. Its beautiful decorations and open air dining experience will help you unwind (no pun attended) from your day of adventures.

Good luck and have fun on the Road to Hana




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