10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here’s a few holiday gift ideas to get your holiday wish list started. If you act fast you can take advantage of great sales and promotions before the rush of the crowd after Thanksgiving. We have found everything from athletic wear, headphones, sneakers, boots, coats, sweaters, and other great layering items. These items are not only classic, and stylish but as always, affordable.

An automatic watch by Swatch that would make the top watch makers proud for under $200, free ground shipping. Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon for $35 with free shipping. Wool and silk blend thermal shirt that will keep you warm without sweating by Sunspel for $185, although pricey it can be work multiple times a week. Our vote for the best winter boot by Timberland, a fleece lined collar bomber waterproof boot for $200, use code ship100 for free shipping. Classy all leather Vans one sleek, and one rugged version, both list worthy for $70/$110. Slim suede elbow patch cardigan from JCrew for $118, use code shopnow for 25% off. Another Layering sweater by Banana Republic, both great with button up shirts underneath for $69, use code cheer for 40% off. Toggle Coat by Zara for $129, no explanation needed. Lastly ditch the skinny jeans, this winter is about the straight leg so go for the classic, never left, 501 Levi’s starting 1t $50.

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