10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here’s a few holiday gift ideas to get your holiday wish list started. If you act fast you can take advantage of great sales and promotions before the rush of the crowd after Thanksgiving. We have found everything from athletic wear, headphones, sneakers, boots, coats, sweaters, and other great layering items. These items are not only classic, and stylish but as always, affordable. An automatic … Continue reading 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Noteworthy Kickstarter Campaigns

Take a look at some of our favorite KickstarterĀ  campaigns at the moment. Maybe you’ll be the last backer they need to make their vision come true. The Coolest Cooler of all. This cooler not only transports your drinks and food keeping it fresh and ready to enjoy but it comes with a number of other features you never even dreamed of having. The Coolest … Continue reading Noteworthy Kickstarter Campaigns

Never Lose Another Pair Of Shades Again

The latest in eye wear is available soon for pre-order. Hate spending the big bucks on a pair of sunglasses only to lose them a month later? Worry no more. Tzukuri, a Japanese company, is coming out with beautifully designed, UV protected, scratch free shades that are also implanted with a solar powered GPS tracking system. They have 3D analyzed thousands of different faces in … Continue reading Never Lose Another Pair Of Shades Again

Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Everyone from Amazon, to Google, To Apple has been rumored to be making better and better wearable technology for our future. Its seems a bit silly that we will need to be wearing our mobile devices, that we already have trouble putting down, on our eyes one day, but we have to keep up with the Joneses. Mr. Porter, a well known men’s fashion company … Continue reading Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe

In 1961 Jaguar introduced the E-Type Coupe whom everyone right away considered it the most beautiful car in history. Some say that even Enzo Ferrari himself agreed. It was the sexiest thing on the road, porn on wheels, and anyone who tried to succeed it failed. While there will never be another E-Type Coupe, Jaguar made the bold move to make the F-Type its notable … Continue reading Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe

A Smarter, Sleeker, More Stylish Pen

This Swiss-made tungsten-carbide ball point pen is not only a beautiful writing instrument. The new livescribe 3 is the best of its kind in smart pens. This easy to use pen automatically uploads and converts your writings into digital searchable text to your smartphone or tablet with bluetooth technology. It also has a recorder and with one tap you are saving the most important of … Continue reading A Smarter, Sleeker, More Stylish Pen

Just Legal Rides

The United States bans international cars that don’t meet our safety and emissions standards. If any car fanatic were to import themselves an off limit car and were caught they would be risking losing their insurance and even doing jail time for these rare classics. Even worse the priceless item would be confiscated and crushed. How to get around this rule? Wait 25 years. It … Continue reading Just Legal Rides