Just Legal Rides

The United States bans international cars that don’t meet our safety and emissions standards. If any car fanatic were to import themselves an off limit car and were caught they would be risking losing their insurance and even doing jail time for these rare classics. Even worse the priceless item would be confiscated and crushed. How to get around this rule? Wait 25 years. It means that after 25 years of existence these beauties are of age and legal. Some of the cars that have just hit the 25 year mark are;


Starting on the top left going clockwise, Porsche 959 made from carbon fiber and Keviar bought by Bill Gates for $700,000 canepa.com, Mercedes G-Wagen has had a 35 year run so far and still conquers all terrains starting at $130,000 gwagen.com, Lancia 037 with only 207 ever made these Italian beauties start at $400,000 autosportdesigns.com, and lastly Ford Falcon XAGT/XBGT has starred in both Mad Max and The Road Warrior starting at $600,000 madmaxcars.com

Just another year or two and you can get a 1992 BMW MS Touring, 1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione, 1990 Citroën XM, and 1990 Toyota Century Limousine

Safe Travels


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