Brooklyn Grange; Rooftop Farming

Photo Sep 17, 12 54 40 PM

We know trees grow in Brooklyn and now a full working farm has grown. Brooklyn Grange, is the future of lower cost food, and local fresh eating. Starting about 5 years ago rooftop farms made their introduction into the world and now have spread world-wide in cities including Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore and more.

We paid a visit to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, home of Brooklyn’s first urban farming. Its size and quantity of unique and beautiful vegetables blew us away. Walking along the endless aisles of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, roots, and even sunflowers made us feel joy just from its presence amongst the New York City skyline.

The grange is over 2.5 acres spread across two buildings. In one year alone the Brooklyn Grange produces over 50,000 pounds of fresh organic produce and is sold to local restaurants as well as their farm stand. It doesn’t end there, they also have chicken coops and over 30 bee hives rounding out their property.

Photo Sep 17, 12 55 45 PM

Healthy, clean, and sustainable eating is a thing of the present, so jump on board guys. Visit your local rooftop farms, farmers markets, co-ops, whatever you have near you and support your community as well as your body. Stop by and try something special like their sunflowers seeds seen being prepared here on our own Instagram account @hausofmen

Follow them on Instagram @brooklyngrange and stay updated on their upcoming project and events on their website. Be involved




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