High Line Style


This summer has come to an end unfortunately but we aren’t ready to let go of the fashion memories just yet. Our good friend David Goodman posted camp almost everyday on the High Line in New York City to find us the latest in what the men of the neighborhood are wearing.

There was everything from work suits to bathing suit, sneakers to flip flops, solids to graphic design, and even some celebrities strolling by. To say there was one trend throughout the summer would not only be a lie but close minded window to the variety the city has to offer. We aren’t here to tell you what to wear or how to dress because that is what happens to be ‘trending’, we want to give you a broad spectrum of every different kind of (good) style we see so you can make an educated and informed decision on how to vamp up and create your own personal look.

Enjoy the slideshow, and make sure to follow @david_goodman_photos on Instagram , David Goodman Photos on Facebook, and ‘A Million Words‘ on Tumblr



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