Suitsupply; the best suit for your buck


Suitsupply was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, and since then have opened up franchise shops in 11 countries including Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and China. We went to visit the New York City shop on Madison Ave and we dont know what took us so long. We were extremely impressed with its products, reasonable prices, and amazing customer service.

With quality Italian fabrics, and tailored fitting Suitsupply suits go from $400-$700. They also have three tailoring options; in store tailoring which can be done while you wait, blue line tailoring starting at $699 which provides you with separate sizes on a 3 piece suit, several alterations, and a choice of over 60 Italian fabrics, and personal tailoring which starts at $749 which offers fully personalized suit, a choice of over 600 fabrics, and 60 points of measurements.

Photo Mar 30, 7 11 01 PM

Photo Mar 30, 7 10 50 PM

Suitsupply doesnt only have suits, they sell everything from outerwear, bags, shirts, casual pants, jackets, knitwear, and more. Check out the collection of shoes by Antonio Maurizi for Suitsupply. Or their selection of sunglasses, scarves, collar stays, and belts. Shop online and receive free shipping, free returns, and 1-4 business days delivery to anywhere in the world.

Check them out at



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