Long Trunks; Rebuilding Long Beach NY

There is a old wise tale that between 1907-1909 Roger and Alice the elephants came into the town of Long Beach to help build the boardwalk. When Hurricane Sandy came along and destructed the town, the people New York have been coming together to help with the destruction. As we were walking down the streets we came across a vendor called “Long Trunks” who is a lifestyle brand created by local artists to help rebuild the spirits as well as the town. All the apparel, artwork, and other “Bring on the elephants” items profit will be donated to help rebuild the beach boardwalk as well has residential homes.

Photo Sep 08, 3 33 11 PM

Photo Sep 08, 3 32 55 PMMake sure to check out their website LB Long Trunks
As well as ‘like’ their facebook page in order to keep up to date with their location and products.

T-Shirts  and tank tops are available in both men and woman styles. Pillows, artwork, and other accessories are constantly changing as supplies run out. Cant make it out to Long Beach? Soon there will be a online shop to purchase these great items.


Photo Sep 08, 3 32 50 PM


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