10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here’s a few holiday gift ideas to get your holiday wish list started. If you act fast you can take advantage of great sales and promotions before the rush of the crowd after Thanksgiving. We have found everything from athletic wear, headphones, sneakers, boots, coats, sweaters, and other great layering items. These items are not only classic, and stylish but as always, affordable. An automatic … Continue reading 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Time To Start Layering

For those of you dealing with the bitter cold temperatures that make you wish you can start hibernating till spring comes, here are some great layering pieces that can help you get through below freezing temperatures. Left: Double Layer Underwear Crewneck at LL.Bean $34.95 Right: Crossknit Long Sleeve Tee at J.Crew $49.50 Shop Sale now and recieve an extra 40% discount with promo code SHOPHAPPY … Continue reading Time To Start Layering

H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection

Ever wonder what H&M from the popular clothing store stands for? Mauritz Widforss, the founder of the company, and a men’s hunting and outdoor apparel shop in Stockholm. In 1968 Erling Persson bought out the store and created the fashion empire which was combined with the store next door, Hennes. Heens & Mauritz began by selling lumberjack, rugged gear which was originally sold by Mauritz … Continue reading H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection