Discovering Maui, The Road to Hana

Maui Hawaii is famous for newlyweds, weddings, romantic getaways and all things love but its not only for couples. Some of the girls our team Haus Hunted the island like never before and found adventures that any type of guy would enjoy. Beers, fresh fish, swimming, boating, music and more. We were informed by many and warned by some about the Road to Hana. In … Continue reading Discovering Maui, The Road to Hana

Filson: From Wilderness to City

Filson started out with a reputation for creating products useful to woodsman and hunters in the Pacific Northwest. Over time their products durability and craftsmanship was so impressive that the brand migrated from the woods to the big city. The lumberjack style started becoming more and more popular with flannel shirts taking over men’s wardrobe nation wide. Filson clothing was originally made for heavy layering … Continue reading Filson: From Wilderness to City