The Double Breasted Jacket

The double breasted sports coat is a great new trend that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with jeans or dress pants and instantly look dapper. Here are some great options on where to get your own; Peter Werth Double Breasted Sports Jacket on Sale at $334 $201 H& Double Breasted Blazer for only $70 plus 20% off with promo code 1726 … Continue reading The Double Breasted Jacket

H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection

Ever wonder what H&M from the popular clothing store stands for? Mauritz Widforss, the founder of the company, and a men’s hunting and outdoor apparel shop in Stockholm. In 1968 Erling Persson bought out the store and created the fashion empire which was combined with the store next door, Hennes. Heens & Mauritz began by selling lumberjack, rugged gear which was originally sold by Mauritz … Continue reading H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection

Fall Color: Emerald Green

Each year Pantone, a global authority on color in the design industry claims a color to be ‘Colour Of The Year‘. They study all the industries including film, entertainment, design, fashion, tourism and selects the color to be most present. For 2013 the color Emerald was chosen. (Pantone 17-5641) Emerald in menswear has been present this fall in mostly pants, and outerwear; from blazers to … Continue reading Fall Color: Emerald Green