bucketfeet; Bringing people together through art


You know how they say the Earth without art is just eh, well we couldn’t agree more and either can bucketfeet. The company started when two strangers, one artist, and one backpacker shared a conversation about a pair of hand drawn shoes. The art on these shoes brought people together around the world as they traveled. The company was then created in Chicago with a mission to connect people through art, diversity, and culture.

They are constantly collaborating with different artists and created beautifully handcrafted sneakers that stand out and tell a story. Every time you wear a pair of bucketfeet you are bringing that artist, and their story around with you. You are not only supporting the arts but you are also raising awareness and creating new connections with strangers everyday.

There has been more than 4,000 artists from illustrators, painters, tattoo artists, writers, graffiti artists and more that have collaborated with bucketfeet in over 60 countries. They are constantly looking for new artists to join their movement and encourage people to send in designs.

Click the images below to start shopping now and get inspired!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.14.12 PM


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