Earth Missions; Let Mother Nature Determine Your Next Adventure

photo 4

(Shot by Haus Team at China Wall, Hawaii)

Everything from adventure, surf, snow, family vacations, fish, and more. Earth Missions will give you up to date fresh powder alerts, wave forecasts, and even fishing conditions. Their main motto is “Go when its good” meaning you’ll get the best experience possible on any type of adventure if you go when they suggest is the best time. It might be last-minute booking decisions but that’s the only way to actually know what mother nature has planned for us. They take advantage of all travel deals with a 2 week advance booking. Not all adventures they suggest are dependent on the weather. There are also the best deals for fishing, yoga, hiking, climbing, and more. They also give back to our beautiful planet with Gift Missions. In these ‘missions’ you will be volunteering around the world to emerge yourself into a community and help build their habitat.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.43.13 PM

If you aren’t an adventure junkie, or you don’t like getting off your beach chair on vacation this might not be the site for you. But for everyone else who is looking to be one with mother nature and do exciting, healthy, adventurous and spontaneous missions, you must check out for your next adventure.


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