Le Club Swimwear Launch

Miami is a city that runs on music, sexy people, Latin culture, and the beach. Swimsuits are the most frequently worn item throughout the summer so Its no wonder swimwear brands are constantly popping up. Le Club Swimwear for men launched this summer and is quickly getting noticed by men world-wide. Although inspired and created for Miami’s, we can be certain that its vibrant fiesta style can and will be seen in various city around the world.


“Each swimsuit a canvas, portraying the symbols, tone, and passion of the Latin world, mixed with the urban flavors of Lincoln Road.”

Their online shop is yet to launch but our Haus Hunter Aurelys was luck enough to spot them selling their trunks in support of Smiles of Hope raising money for the children of Venezuela (photo below)


Find out more at LeClub-Original.com


Instagram: @lecluboriginal


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