An Interview With LeGrand Leseur

If you haven’t heard his name yet, its about time. LeGrand Leseur is changing the world of men’s fashion as we speak. Voted best dressed man in the world by Vanity Fair’s International Best Dress Challenge, LeGrand Leseur took the time out to answer some of our questions and take a few photos for us as well.

LeGrand Leseur Black and White

What made you start designing?

When I started wearing suits every day I started to notice lack of innovation in men’s fashion when I went shopping. Men have been wearing the same kind of suits for almost 100 years, lack luster single colored suits that everyone has. They have been called “Classic” and “Timeless” but in reality people are just afraid of change or to take risk on their wardrobe in fear of negative reactions or judgments. No matter how good one looks or how well they present themselves they will only be compared to a certain level of “classiness” or “style”. I am trying to up the ante. Leaders of various industries stuck in this repeating pattern over and over again spreading big money on things they don’t necessarily like but things they feel safe in. I am here to end this phantasmagoria.

Were you always into fashion growing up?

The short answer is no. When I was younger I didn’t really care about it. My parents, mainly my mother, had me in upscale dress clothing all the time. During my teenage years I fell into the hoodie trap, wearing a lot of urban/street wear clothing. I must have been in a really dark place or something. I honestly don’t know what was happening then and shiver at the thought of me back then. Not to knock street wear but it really isn’t for me. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I returned to my roots you could say and started getting back into upscale fashion again.

Who in your mind is the best dressed male celebrity at the moment?

It’s a tie between Leonardo Dicaprio and Kevin Hart. Dicaprio has some of the most classic looks but there usually some hint of flair. He really shines in the most recent ‘Great Gatsby’ flick in which he should have won an award. He got robbed as always but the costume design won awards however for the pieces that were designed. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people in the world but people don’t take his wardrobe serious. His outfits are pretty fucking serious and I believe he has started to change the way people look at fashion within the Philadelphia community, his and my hometown.

Do you have a muse or an idol you look up to?

No. The designs I come up with are things I personally wanted to see in the fashion world and have not currently. I am not a fan of many, if any, men’s fashion designers currently because of the limitations they have imposed on the men’s fashion community over the last half of century. They are stuck. Men want my colors, more options and more looks. Women’s fashion has changed over and over again while men have been stuck in a repeating cycle where the Navy Blue, Black and Silver suits dominate. That’s boring and people who constantly wear those kinds of outfits are pretty boring in my opinion.

If you can give one piece of advice to men in terms of dressing better what would it be?

Change it up and try new things. Life is too short to not have fun but also know what works for you and what doesn’t. Nothing is worse than someone wearing something they look or feel completely uncomfortable in.


Read more about LeGrand Leseur at or


LeGrand Leseur Vest

Photos by Ethimo Foto


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