Best Eats; New York City

The Haus team went on a food hunting journey in New York City, and found some of the best spots for ramen, dessert, tacos, barbeque, and tuna. We don’t recommend eating at all of them in one day like we did, but these are the types of things we endure for the sake of giving you great recommendations.

Bouchon Bakery


Located at both the Time Warner Center and Rockefeller Center, Bouchon Bakery seems to always have a crowd. Known for their T.K.O cookie sandwich (which we are convinced Justin Timberlake is singing about in his latest song) and best Macaroon in NY Bouchon is a clear winner to satisfy your sweet tooth. Time Warner location has both a pick up counter (photo above) as well as a sit down section for those who not only want to eat sweets. Don’t trust our word for it, check out the other 354 people that agree with us.

Totto Ramen


We arrived at Totto Ramen at 11:45 to already find a line of people waiting to put their name on wait list. After signing up, we still waited about 30 min after the doors finally opened at noon. After reading NY Times, Timeout, Wall St and many more reviews we anxiously watched the chefs work. It was completely worth the wait. The ramen soup was excellent. The chicken broth was thick and tasty, and the noodles were cooked al dente. We ordered one spicey pork, mild pork and mild chicken. No one was disappointed. You can add eggs, bean sprouts, scallion, mushrooms, and much more. Make sure to try the Avo Tuna, and pork buns as well.

Los Tacos No.1

tacosFeeling quite full after our Totto meal we decided a long walk down to Chelsea Market was necessary in order to make room for the next great thing. Chelsea Market is filled with tons of things to look at and try including one of our favorite barber shops. But tucked away somewhere in the middle is Los Tacos No.1 . With very few stools to take a seat, across the shack is a bar with feet markings that give people an idea of where they can stand to feast. Well priced, these tacos and mulas (their version of a quesadilla) were a bit on the spicy side even without the extra salsas they offer at the counter. But like most taco joints, it was expected. Our favorite was the chicken mula with a fried tortilla shell below it and melted cheese.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Last but certbbqainly not least, our favorite spot of the day goes to; Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque. We were a bit skeptical when we heard they make the best beef ribs in all of the United States, thinking they probably pissed off some southerners with that statement, but from what we tasted it sounded about right, even not pretty darn close. We ordered half a pound of the ribs, brisket, the pulled pork and a order of the burnt ends baked beans, and it was more than enough for the three of us to share.  Everything melted in your mouth and made you just want more and more. The great part about the beans is that its pork friendly, and its not as sweet as most baked beans you’ll find. Add some slaw, and pickled veggies for the perfect combo. Their serve yourself bbq sauce was hard not to steal off the table when we left.

Its worth your while to check out all these great food spots, and to see our real time adventures (photos below) make sure to follow our instagram @HausOfMen



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