T.Walker- American Made Flannel

Photo Feb 05, 7 32 51 PM

We attended Jordana PR‘s Pop-up Fete in New York City the night before fashion week and T.Walker caught our eye. Their beautifully crafted and incredibly soft flannel shirts for men make a great addition to any closet. You’ll probably find yourself reaching for it for most occasions. This traditional staple will never go out of style.

Photo Feb 05, 7 30 22 PM

The line was started by the famous HBO adventure film maker Tim Walker who was always looking for the perfect shirt to wear on his many adventures. These shirts are “classic, rugged, and comfortable”. Great to travel in whether you are going to climb Machu Picchu or dine at the best restaurants in the south of France. We love a good masculine style without looking sloppy. Every shirt is $98 with free shipping and returns. Feel free to order one just to try on, but full disclosure, you probably wont be sending it back

See more at TWalker.com


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