Calling All Nick Grahams

Nick Graham founder of Joe Boxer has finally launched his own shop. Now selling underwear for the first time since Joe Boxer, shirts, 3D jewelery, neckwear and more. (

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 1.56.50 PM

Whats the coolest part of this new brand? Anyone named Nick Graham gets 50% off all merchandise everyday. They are also looking for fellow Nick Grahams to become creative brand ambassadors world-wide. The first is Nick Graham from Brooklyn NY who will create their first online promo video for the companies website.

Here are some other cool features:

– ADD-to-Cart for the fastest shopping around, designed for today¹s distracted customer.  Based on the company¹s field tests, purchasing five items on is upwards of 70% faster than buying comparable products on other Menswear sites.
– A full range of 3D-designed and produced accessories, including tie pins, bracelets, and belt buckles that will be printed on demand in stainless steel, sterling silver and other fabrications.
– Every product in the collection has a sewn-in QR code label that gives the brand¹s consumers exclusive access to ³Nick Graham Everywhere,² Graham¹s blog that is updated regularly with contests, gifts, concert tickets and music.
– The QR label will activate a ³heat map², so the company can see where its products are all over the world at any given time when the consumer scans their phone to the product.
From December 21st ­ December 24th, will deliver orders for free in Manhattan. Saint Nick, outfitted in a quintessential Nick Graham polka dot Santa suit will show up at your door for same-day delivery of selected products from the online Saint Nick Graham shop

Dont miss out on this interactive, and innovative brand opening. Happy Holidays and Happy shopping everywhere!


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