Paul Simonon’s Flash Collection

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 2.23.50 PM

Paul Simonon, the bass guitarist from the rock band The Clash has teamed up with Sailor Jerry to create a four piece Flash Collection. It Consists of two t-shirts for $50 each, a hula girl bandana for $30. The main piece is a beautiful crafted leather jacket identical to the one worn by Simonon in the early days of The Clash that is going for $2,300. Only 50 jackets are available world wide, and it a true rock collection piece, Simonon is even willing to lend a hand to those 50 world-wide who purchase the jacket, and help them personalize it with their own touch. “It’s an individual thing, really — a leather jacket and what you put on it. Anyway, there’s only fifty. So wherever they are, I can tell ’em what to do if they need help.”

Check it out now at


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